Seventeen till we die!! Seventeenage calculator tells how old you are in seventeenage

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 12:02 Feb. 10, 2009)

"Ju-nana sai kyo (The Cult of Seventeen)" founded by voice actress Kikuko Inoue is rapidly spreading, converting a large population throughout Japan, for the members could be literally "seventeen forever" regardless to their actual age, without lying.

How could that be? Well, it's an easy logic, and you might have guessed from the title, but it's easier said than done to be always aware of how old you are in seventeenage (seventeen and how many months and days old you are).

So here's a culculator that helps you keep track of how old you are in seventeenage. Join the cult today!

(Japanese)The Cult of 17 -seventeenage generator: How old are you today? (for beginners)

Just enter your name and birthday (year/month/date) and click "OK" button.

If today's your 29th birthday, you'll be 17 years (and 4,383 days) old, or 17 years (and 144 months) old.

According to the website below, guru Kikuko Inoue of "The Cult Of Seventeen" is 17 years (and 10,000 days) old today. Bless her!

(Japanese)The Cult of 17 -sventeenage generator: How old are you today? (for Kikuko Inoue)

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