Not just a rerun! 20th Anniversary broadcasting of “Dragonball Z” starts this April

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 07:12 Feb. 09, 2009)

It's been twenty years since the first broadcasting of the legendary anime "Dragon Ball Z", the second anime adaption of Dragon Ball which glued every grade school kids to the TV.

Commemorating the 20th anniversary, Fuji Television Network is going to broadcast the series starting on April 5th, with whole new audio recording by the original cast, new songs, and digitally remastered high-definition images.

Read on for details.

The comic magazine "Weekly Shonen Jump" came out with the news on February 9th. NARUTO is on the cover.

Front issue themed on Valentine's Day.

Info of "Dragon Ball Z" is on page 338. Remastered to bright and clear high-difinition images, renewed theme song with new video for the opening and ending, and the voices are newly recorded by the original cast.

Since some of the voice actors including Hirotaka Suzuoki of Tien Shinhan has departed, it can't be the completely original cast, but new dubbing might give a new demension to the anime. Let's wait and see.

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