Anime adaption of “Guin Saga” to be aired from April, 2009 on NHK BS-2

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 14:05 Dec. 03, 2008.)

The famous swords-and-socery fantasy novel "Guin Saga" by Kaoru Kurimoto is going to be adapted into Anime and scheduled to be aired from April, 2009 on NHK BS-2.

Sorry for fans who are out of Japan, it is broadcasted only in Japan at its launch. But since they have prepared English page on their official site, it seems that they are planning for early airing abroad.

Read on for detail.


According to the interview to the director Atsushi Murakami, the anime will be themed on each characters and human drama, while the original novel has a ensemble-cast style.

This is Guin, the Leopard Mask

Queen Linda, "twin pearls of Palo"

Crown prince Lems, another "twin pearls of Palo"

Suni, a girl of Semu

Istvan, a mercenary of Mongor

Author Kaoru Kurimoto is saying that the adoption will be to the "Entrance of the body of the story", actually to the 16th volume. At this time, there have been 125 volumes published so far. How deep the drama will go?

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