The inimitable Kickboxer-cum-Cosplayer-cum-Otaku Nagashima “Jien-ots” Yuichiro

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With his eccentric ring name and remarks like "I'm Nagashima and I absolutely adore anime. I'll beat the shit out of anyone who mock anime", kickboxer Nagashima "Jien-ots" Yuichiro (given name Yuichiro, family name Nagashima, middle name---long story) was already famous among some circle, but now he's gaining some major public's attention after his triumph at the first NJKF(New Japan Kickboxing Federation) Championship; after entering the ring dressed as Hatsune Miku, he defeated his oponnent in mere 64 second, grabbing the first NJKF Super Welterweight title(scroll down on this link to see pics of him in turquoise wig and fighting in orange shorts).

So who really is Nagashima? Read on for details and pics, and find out the meaning of his middle name.

This is his blog.

(Japanese)ー 長島☆自演乙☆雄一郎オフィシャル自演日記 ー

And his former blog.

(Japanese)長島☆自演乙☆雄一郎の自演日記だお⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃ブーン - livedoor Blog(ブログ)

First of all, his ring name is spelled "長島☆自演乙☆雄一郎 (Nagashima Jien-ots Yuichiro)" in Japanese, and for those of you who can't display Japanese on your computer, there are star shapes dividing his surname - middle name - given name, which are unpronounced.

According to the bio, Nagashima "Jien-ots" Yuichiro is a male, born July 2nd, 1984. He's a self-proclaimed Fighter-slash-Hetalayer (made-up word combining hetalle, Japanese for humble, and cosplayer) from Hyogo, therefore he speaks and writes in distinctive manner, a peculiar hybrid of Kansai dialect and 2channel lingo.

As for his middle name, "Jien" means written and played by himself, and "Ots" is abbreviation for otsukaresama which means good job, well done, you must be tired, take a break, or something. "Jien-Ots" is a term often posted on 2channel sarcastically when a thread looks like someone started and commented and argued and replied and agreed all by himself, but the term is overused and kind of losing its meaning. So self-mockingly calling himself "Jien-Ots" might be regarded a cynical attitude, but more likely it's a statement that he is otaku, and whoever recognise the 2channel lingo is welcome to be his fan.

So how otaku is he? Otaku to the root of his hair or just another imposter seeking attention? Let's take a look at his posts.

Note: The emoticons are in 2channel style, capital letters are onomatope often used on 2channel.

(Japanese)Tokyo Tour

this is my first tokyo tour(`・ω・´)

what'd i do?
gonna dance hare hare yukai in akiba of course(`・ω・´)

and there's a match, for good measure

(Japanese)MARS Results

This time i entered the ring cosplaying as Haruhi Suzumiya and dancing hare hare yukai. Best gig in Jien-ots' history.

Godspeed! won in 1st round KO (`・ω・´)SHA-SHA-KIIIIIIIN

Seems like he's a devoted Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya fan. And must be watching quite a dose of anime aside from that, guessing from his posts.


gonna watch all Higurashi episodes after the match(・∀・)NIYANIYA


Finally finished watching Ghost in the Shell\(´∀`)/

Gonna watch Shana now (`・ω・´) they're showin second season on Animax, can't miss it

(Japanese)To the other side of the wall

Goin to Tennoji to get stronger ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃BOOOON

Wait for the bigger better stronger Ots.

Next time, service, service!!


Had a photo shooting with models in boxing shorts. The girl smelled so nice\(´∀`)/I got the feeling that this girl and I fought together arm in arm to save the earth some million years ago ('A`)

Note: "Delmo" is a slang for fashion models.

(Japanese)Monster Headache('A`)

Got a head ache due to watching all episodes of Higurashi and Higurashi Kai in three days (´・ω・`)

(Japanese)The radio station I'm listening lately

does tons of anime songs ( ^ω^)


Yukari Tamura

Lyrical Nanoha


over and over in endless loop


Can't watch anime since I'm on training (´・ω・`)

better cut my sleep('A`)

(Japanese)the ear he punched is turning funny colour(´・ω・`)

so i just bought doujin books at Toranoana and nursed my ear browsing Haruhi doujin games( ^ω^)


entered first-round in cheer leader cosplay from Lucky Starwwwwwwww with blue wig for I was supposed to be Konata wwwwwwww

Note: "wwwwww" is used as lol or hahahah, originated in 2channel. There's a expression "Shiba wo hayasu (Growing lawn: since it looks like grass)", used like "look he's growing lawn again", mocking adolescent or immature behaviour, for "wwwww" is abused in VIP thread of 2channel where the habitant are comparatively young. "Cho Oma" means "wait a minute".

(Japanese)To get psyshed

My morale 's so high now thanks to Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan(`・ω・´)

I'm gonna keep thinking my fist as my Excalibolg till the match \(´∀`)/

Note: "Excalibolg" is the gigantic spike Dokuro-chan carries, named after Excalibur.

(Japanese)Tengen Toppa

Started watching Gurren Lagann and i'm hooked \(´∀`)/

this anime is so uplifting (`・ω・´)
everyday wktk

haven't watched Shana's first season yet. Can't wait!
plus i haven't finished MOETAN yet(´・ω・`)

Clannad and Bamblay concluding the week after next, oke?

Note: "wktk" is another 2channel lingo pronouced "waku-teka" or "waku-waku-teka-teka". Originally it was the name of an ASCII art depicting 2channel's mascot cat "Mona" sweating in anticipation.

"oke" in Hiragana stands for "okay". In this case "oke?" means "am I right?".

Lately I'm Nico-chu

going Nico Nico lately( ^ω^)

never wanna leave my room( ^ω^)

my computer absolutely belongs to me ( ^ω^)

mom was cryin( ^ω^)

Note: "Nico-chu" means "Nico-freak", people addicted to Nico Nico Douga. "Nico Nico" means smiley.

(japanese)K-1 Try Out

though my schedule's so tight at the moment, what with having to clear Higurashi Kai and Rei, having to watch Lyrical Nanoha and Seto( ^ω^)

Almost forgot!! episode 19 of Clannad!

As for cosplaying, he could be seen flashing Mikuru Beam.

At Nipponbashi Street Festa, he couldn't take his eyes from cosplayers and written "Wanna be a cosplayer like you guyswwwwwwww".

He's so obsessed with Haruhi he could be seen "Turned in to Haruhi body and soul( ´_ゝ`)".

His entrance music is always Anison, and "comments suggesting entering-costume are always welcome( ^ω^)" on his blog. To date he has entered ring dressed as Haruhi Suzumiya, Mikuru Asahina, Konata Izumi and Rena Ryugu.

If these weren't evidence enough, his Profile page is overkilling.

What would you do on the end of the world? --"Watch Anime"
When are you happiest? --"When I'm watching Anime"
What's your favourite holiday pastime? --"Watch Anime"
What's your favourite TV programme? --"Midnight Anime"

Conclusion: He is a diehard anime fan. And a total otaku. Way to go Ots!!

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