Fight for the Right of Inter-Demensional Marriage!!

In the course of civilisation, people fought and won (or still fighting for) the right to marry the person you love, the right of inter-class marriage, international marriage, inter-race marriage, same-sex marriage. And now, the latest issue seems to be inter-demensional marriage.

This online petition aims to send 1 million signatures to the Japanese Government, demanding to be recognized marriages with two-dimensional characters.

Details follow.

Recognize a marriage with two-dimensional character legally

"We aren't interested in three dimensions any more. We even wish to physically inhabit the two-dimensional world if that's possible. However, it doesn't seem likely to be accomplished anytime soon, with the present state of technology. It's the least you can do to legally recognize a marriage with the two-dimensional character " says the advocate of the petition. "I am going to marry Mikuru Asahina when we change the law."

The petition is on the "human rights" category of an online petition site. It is aiming at having a marriage with a two-dimensional character recognized legally, by sending 1,000,000 signatures ; as of this writing, it's just 999,973 names short of that ambitious goal .

Let's take a look at some comments posted by people who signed.

Do you put her name on the family registration as well?

Marriage with buildings and artifacts should be recognised, too. Battleship Nagato would be my wife.

I totally agree! there's no worthwhile woman in three demensional world.

Nanoha is mine.

Would it be bigamy if many people wanted to marry the same character? Is it first-come-first-served? What about the tax diduct?

Though I'm practically married already, I still want it to be recognized on the document legally.

I am married to Tsukihime of Arcueid for five years. I don't have delusion any more. I'm gonna live with her for the rest of my life. I want to support this movement as one of the people who live in the 2D!!

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This article was originally posted in Japanese at 10:30 Oct 28, 2008.


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