Definitely Negative - “FINAL FANTASY XIII” Xbox 360 edition in Japan, Not!

According to an interview with a developer of Square Enix Corporation, there is absolutely, positively, NOT going to be a Xbox 360 edition of "FINAL FANTASY XIII" put on the market in Japan.

Though it was announced at "E3 Media&Business Summit 2008" in July that Square Enix has decided to put not only PS3 but also Xbox 360 edition of "FINAL FANTASY XIII" on the market, this refers only to the U.S. and European market, which obviously excludes Japan.

Since Microsoft has already denied the Asian release of said Xbox 360 edition, it seems that only Western customer will get the privilege of "FINAL FANTASY XIII" on Xbox 360.

According to an interview on "DENGEKI PlayStation" magazine out today, Mr. Motomu Toriyama who was the director of "FINAL FANTASY XIII" faced the question of whether to put a Xbox 360 editions of "FINAL FANTASY XIII" on the market in Japan, and replied "That is not going to happen. Definitely not."

As for the rumor that an Xbox360 edition of "FINAL FANTASY XIII" may be put on the Asian market as well, the report that started the rumor was a stretch of interpretation made by journalists on a remark by a Microsoft employee to the effect of "We'll appreciate the release (if it happens)".

Incidentally, some new images from the coming "FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII" which was decided to be on PS3-only, will be introduced to the public at "TOKYO GAME SHOW" in October.

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This article was originally posted in Japanese at 12:32 Aug 29, 2008.


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