“Bloody Yodo”, Three Osaka Guys’ Homage to “Bloody Omaha”

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 22:36 Aug. 16, 2008)

You might have seen Richard Hammond presents Bloody Omaha, the footage of how three graphic designers recreated Omaha Beach of D-day for a BBC programme. "Bloody Yodo" is a homage to this "Bloody Omaha" video, shot on the banks of Yodo River by three VFX creators from Osaka.

Videos after the cut!

"Bloody Omaha" was shot on the actual Omaha beach by three people in 4 days. "Bloody Yodo" was shot on Yodo River by three people in 3 days.
YouTube - Keiji Sugiyama presents Bloody Yodo (Hommage)

Here's a comparison version.
YouTube - Bloody Yodo (Comparison version)

Must be made on way lower budget than the BBC's one. Awesome!

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