“Eki-pedia”:Map database of train stations in Japan

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 13:09 Jul. 07, 2008.)

Due to its notorious complexity, large juctions in metro area is often compared to a maze. It causes so many troubles to passengers.

"Eki-pedia" is a database providing "raku-raku map", a map which is colorful and easy to use. It's so convenient when you want to check exits, transfers, public toilets and so on.

The project first started in 2006 to promote barrier-free public transportation systems and on April of 2008, it succeeded in collecting all 704 subway stations and is still growing.

Read on for detail.

(Japanese)Eki-pedia | Top

Enter the station name and click "検索(Search)"

Click on the station name. If no name appears, there's no data.

The map will appear like this. This is Umeda Station, Osaka.

There's also bulletin board for posting inqueries.

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