Flipping the Flippable Illustration Book of anime film “Kara no Kyokai”

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 12:03 May 12, 2008)

Animated film Kara no Kyokai(The Garden of Sinners) is planned as a heptalogy and the first three has come out so far. Ufotable, the anime studio producing the movies has released art books of the anime. The volume comes as a set of two books; a collection of key animations and a flip-book.

Read on for details, pics and a video of the flip-book.

This is the box.

The flip side has Ufotable's logo.

Spine. The one on top is the flip-book.

The key frames. Small frames in the bottom-right corner of each are remediation by the chief animator.



Watch this video.

Box design.


Three volumes are released, each set for each movie (Movie 1: Overlooking View, Movie 2: Murder Speculation and Movie 3: Remaining Sense of Pain), with four more to come.
Available online via Ufotable's Mail Order for 2,500 yen and also sold at Ufotable Cafe.

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