High speed video of a samurai sword master’s slashing

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 10:23 Mar. 30, 2007.)

Here's some breathtaking videos of a sword master slashing an egg, a PET bottle, a tomato and so on. These are REAL stuff, not CG or photoshop things.

Read on for details and high speed videos.

Old Japanese seemed to have strong obsession in sword fighting. They had an advanced technology in bladesmithing but never developed a handheld shield. Katana, a blade of samurai, can even withstand a direct hit of .50 caliber heavy machine gun.

As the sword develops, so does the swordsmanship. Samurai soldiers serving their master should always be prepared for war. So they studied techniques, trained hard for the mastery of swordmanship, as shown in these videos.

High skill is needed to slash an egg for it's small as a target.

PET bottle with tea.
YouTube - TAMESHIGIRI ~PlasticBotlle~

A tomato. The blade split it into half but it seems to go together again.
YouTube - TAMESHIGIRI~Tomato~

Cabbege cut vertically.
YouTube - TAMESHIGIRI~Cabbage~

Loook at the smooth orbit of the blade tip.
YouTube - TAMESHIGIRI~Onion~

An apple being cut but made no movement. Amazing.

Starring Isao Machii, Master of Shushin-ryu swordplay method.

Nobby Tech Ltd's "Phantom" series high speed camera was used for this shooting.

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