10 important things to check when you are going to buy a fridge

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Moved our office, we are now planning to buy new fridge for we have proper kitchen here. Googlers say "Good work comes from good circumstance". We are not Googlers but we choose it very seriously.

We are very happy if this article be good reference for those who are going to renew your own fridge. There's ten point of choosing your fridge.

1.Measure the area you wish to put the fridge.
2.Test the product. Be as picky as you can.
3.Can you easily clean it up?
4.Freezer space should be on the lower drawer.
5.Auto de-frost function
6.Deodorize function
7.Volume of noise
8.Yearly power consumption
9.Temperature adjustment

Read on for details.

■How to choose good fridge No.1:
Measure the area you wish to put the fridge.

You should properly measure the place you wish to place your fridge. You need extra space at least 5cm(about 2inches) in the back, 2cm(about 0.8inches) at both side. If you want a taller friege, you should measure the height of the place. Some obstacle like electric plugs prevent you to place the fridge there.
You should consider which side of the kitchen sink you wish to place. There's some case you There's a fridge whose door can be opened from both side.
Color in the kitchen is also important. It will be tragidy if there's a mismatch in color.
Take a memo of these items and don't forget to bring it to the store.

:■How to choose good fridge No.2:
Test the product. Be as picky as you can.

Now, go to the retail store and check the trend of the fridge market. Choose the store which has much lineup of the fridge. Like Yamada, Kojima, Yodobashi, and so.
Take a pen only. You don't need a paper to write on. The store always has some kind of product brouchure.n
You will be astonished by the number of fridges in the store. But don't worry. The memo you took at your home helps you. Just check the one in the right size. Stores normally place the fridges by size. There's not so many of smaller one. If you are single, it's easy to choose one.
Try opening and closing to check the weight door. If it's too heavy for you, the fridge won't suit you. The smoother, the better. I recommend the one which close automatically when the door is half-opened.

■How to choose good fridge No.3:
Can you easily clean it up?

Fridge gets dirty, so easily. Not to mention outside, inside also gets dirty soon. You should know the easiness of maintenance is the key of choosing your fridge. Check the inside and choose one with flat surface and few bumps.
For example, the door. The decoration makes it look fine, but difficult to polish. Overhanging handles makes the door easy to open, but it is easy to bump into and the dust easily piles up.
Ask clerk if you can check operating manual. Read the chapter about cleaning. Sometimes they are not allowed to alkalyne detergent, or can't be stripped, making difficult to clean. Especially the one you can't split is the nuisance. We recommend the type you can take it to bits. Check carefully in the manual for how to clean the ice house. This will tell you how to maintain your fridge.

:■How to choose good fridge No.4:
Freezer space should be on the lower drawer.

It's the matter of frequency. The room you use the most should be on top. If you use the freezer more, the order will be opposite. Consider about your height. Make sure you don't have to stand on your toe, or bend your back.

■How to choose good fridge No.5:
Auto de-frost function

The fridge without auto de-frost function is just a garbadge. Don't even think about it. You should check the point very very carefully when you are going to buy one at the second-hand shop. Chek out the internet for serial numberr to see whether there's a function or not. However, every latest fridge does have the function.

■How to choose good fridge No.6:
Deodorant function

Nobody wants their fridge to be stink. Deodorant fuction would do good. Anti virus coating and microbicidal function also makes you happy.

■How to choose good fridge No.7:
Level of Noise

Confident manufacturer publicizes the decibels In the office, or If you live alone, the fridge's noise should be small for you can't keep a distance from the fridge.

■How to choose good fridge No.8:
Yearly power consumption.

Recent fridges are far more better than the one from decades ago. It won't cost you much. But choose one with better efficiency.

■How to choose good fridge No.9:
Temperature adjustment

Cheap fridges does rough control on temperature. Check to see you could regulate it in asmall figure. Automatic configuration is recommended for it's easily operated. Flagship models does control humidity either.

■How to choose good fridge No.10:

LED illumination is bright and easy to see. Choose the one makes little shadow. We searchede the one that lights whole inner wall, but failed.

Thats all for the important check point. You will easily know the capacity from its looks and catalog. You don't have to take much care on other functions.

Circle the one you choose on the catalog and write down the price. Write down the delivery fee too if it's availabe. Now go home and check the price of the fridge you choose at the store. Look for the cheepest price including sleight charge.

In conlusion, we chose this model.

(Japanese)Personal refrigerator NR-B171J : Product summary | Product catalog of National

The model in the white color. OK, so let's check it out.


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