Kyocera Unveiled “ZIO” CDMA2000 Android Smartphone and other concept models

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 11:51 July 14, 2010.)

Kyocera unveiled their new CDMA2000 Android phone "ZIO" at industrial exhibition Wireless Japan 2010. They also brought several concept models of their cellphone handsets.

Read on for detail.

Kyocera booth at Wireless Japan 2010.

Android phone "ZIO"

To be in North American market within 2010. Equipped with 3.5 WVGA touchscreen, 3.2Mpix camera and Wi-Fi connectivity. The version of Android is 1.6.


Left side.

Right side.

3.5" display is as big as iPhone, but it's slightly lighter(105g) than iPhone and easy to handle.

Kyocera also exhibited some unique concept models.

The one with orthodox(but hard to see in Japan) slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

This one's also a QWERTY keyboard phone. But you twist it out instead of sliding it.

One with hardware switches on display panel.

With blue protective silicone jacket.

5" tablet phone which uses LTE, pre-4th generation network technology instead of existing GSM and CDMA network. The service starts within 2010 on Docomo followed by other major cellphone operators.

One with keyboard specialized for social media, it seems.

Here's the link to Kyocera's official site.

Kyocera Co, Ltd.

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