Jetliner with Gundam Themed Paintings debut from July 16 on ANA, with specially-colored Gun-Pla

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 17:36 June 15, 2010.)

Following Gun-pla(Gundam plastic models)-themed animation, another special event featuring Gun-pla is coming from, surprisingly, an airline company.

As a part of ANA X GUNDAM SKY PROJECT, celebration for the 30th Anniversary of Gun-pla, All Nippon Airways(ANA) is to fly domestic jetliners with custom Gundam paintings from July 16 to the end of March, 2011.

Read on for detail.

"ANA X GUNDAM SKY PROJECT" to Launch! | Tickets | ANA Domestic Lines

For the project, they modified one of their Boeing 777-300 with custom paintings. "ANA X GUNDAM" logo and head of the Gundam on the left side and life-size Gundam mounted in the hanger of White Base on the right side,

ANA will give a special certification for passengers of the first flight of the jet, ANA flight 25(Haneda, Tokyo to Itami, Osaka) on July 16(Fri.). Further schedules are as shown;
ANA 25 Haneda - Itami
ANA 30 Itami - Haneda
ANA 263 Haneda - Fukuoka
ANA 270 Fukuoka - Haneda

7/17-19, 7/23-25, 7/30-31
ANA 241 Haneda - Fukuoka
ANA 248 Fukuoka - Haneda
ANA 25 Haneda - Itami
ANA 30 Itami - Haneda
ANA 263 Haneda - Fukuoka
ANA 270 Fukuoka - Haneda

7/20-22, 7/26-29
ANA 51 Haneda - Chitose
ANA 54 Chitose - Haneda
ANA 63 Haneda - Chitose
ANA 66 Chitose - Haneda
ANA 263 Haneda - Fukuoka
ANA 270 Fukukoka - Haneda

Also "HG 1/144 Gundam G30th ANA Original Color Ver.(3000 Yen - about $33 USD)" and "1/48 Mega Size Gundam ANA Original Color Ver.(8500 Yen - $92 USD)", limited version of Gun-pla is to be sold. To get them, you have to take one of the flight and get special application post cards handed out from July 1st to Aug. 31.

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