Gorgeous “Pop-up Pirate” with Swarovski Crystal Decoration

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 19:35 Apr. 21, 2010.)

2010 is the 35th anniversary of beloved "Pop-up Pirate" game. There have been so many variations including Wiiware edition but this will be the glitziest one in the franchise. At the Takara Tomy Business Exhibition they brought Pop-up Pirate gorgeously decorated with full of Swarovski crystals.

Read on for detail.

"Pop-up Pirate" booth at the site.

The board introducing lovely PR girl "Love-Hige girls".

Love-Hige is one of the variation specialized on use in a matchmaking party. When one makes a wrong move and pop the pirate out, he/she has to obey the order printed on the knife like "Whisper him/her 'I love you' in his/her ear" or like that.

He now looks like an angel, but he's like a devil in his back. Depending on whether side is up when he pops out, the order will be milder or more hardcore.

Love-Hige Sweet. Orders are rather sweeter, they say.

And Pop-up pirate with Swarovski crystals.

Gorgeous, isn't it?

Festive enough for the 35th anniversary.

Regretfully it's a customized product and it's not for sale.

Boothbabes at the site.

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