We Collected All 6 Figurines of “FINAL FANTASY Xlll ELIXIR with TRADING ARTS”

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 21:23 Dec. 22, 2009)

Suntory's "FINAL FANTASY Xlll ELIXIR with TRADING ARTS" came out on December 22, 2009. The canned "Elixir" drink is bundled with a collectible figurine, six kinds in all, 934 yen (about $10) each.

The figures are all boxed the same and we ended up buying 11 sets but finally managed to complete them.

Pics after the cut!


The outer box. The product name is embossed in silver letters. Classy.

Lightning, Snow Villiers and Oerba Dia Vanille on the side.

Flip side. Sazh Katzroy, Oerba Yun Fang and Hope Estheim.

The outer box contains a canned Elixir and another box containing the figurine.

The cans are all the same, featuring Lightning and Snow. Maybe it was more fun to collect if the cans came in six design for the six characters, like the other Elixir released a fortnight ago.

The figurines seems to be about 1/20 scale. Lightning is about 8.8cm(3.5in) tall.

Her head. Not very detailed.

By the way, this is how Lightning looks like in FF13's official site.


His eyes look like someone out of Gag Manga Biyori.

Real Snow.


Her skin looks a bit damaged.

But maybe the figure's complexion looks healthier.

Sazh in his fighting stance.

Blank expression.

The real Sazh is more lively.

Hope. His posture is great.

Looks strong and determined.

The real Hope looks more timid.

Oerba Yun Fang.

Seems to be pissed about something.

Real Oerba.

Wanna see them from different angle? Here's Lightning.

Oerba Dia Vanille.

Oerba Yun Fang.

The circular display stand fits the top of the can.

Most of the ingredients seems to be the same as the other Elixir, except this one contains aloe extract instead of lemon juice.

Aloe flavoured, clear and colourless.

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