Attention Comiket Participants! The Closest Hotel is Offering Overnight Resting-Place for $30

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 00:00 Dec. 20, 2009.)

A great offer from Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel for participants of Comiket 77, the world's largest comic-con held on Dec. 29 to 31. They are to open their banquet room as a overnight resting-place for 3000 JPY(about $33 USD).

The hotel is the closest from Tokyo Big Sight so you can get in the line of participants faster than any train-takers and there will be more chance to get your desired Dojinshi.

Read on for detail.

(JP) The Closest Hotel To the Tokyo Big Sight [Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel] Comic Market 77 Midnight Rest Plan

According to the hotel's web page, they are going to open their bauquet room as a rest place for Comiket participants.

The fee is 3000 yen for a person. Here's the schedule.

Dec. 28 (Mon.) 22:00 - 6:00
Dec. 29 (Tue.) 22:00 - 6:00
Dec. 30 (Wed.) 22:00 - 6:000

The application is accepted for first 100 people each day from 21:45. No advance reservation will be accepted. You may eat and drink in designated area but alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited.

Actually it's quite a gamble to be in Ariake at 21:45. If you failed to get a place, you have to go all the way back to Mid Tokyo area and start searching for a place to sleep. No hesitation? Give it a try!

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