Specialties of Chinese Restaurant Nyan-Nyan from “Macross Frontier”

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 17:00 November 25, 2009)

Japanese convenience store franchise FamilyMart launched a Macross Frontier tie-in campaign on November 24 to promote the movie Macross Frontier: The False Diva that came out on November 21, 2009.

Among the tie-in products are some specialties of "Nyan-Nyan", the widely operating Chinese restaurant chain in Macross universe known for their "Ni Hao Nyan" jingle, where heroine Ranka Lee works part-time and later stars the commercial when she becomes a famous pop star. What do they taste like? Here's our review!

Pics after the cut!

(Japanese)Macross Frontier The Movie: The False Diva × FamilyMart Tie-In! - Products - FamilyMart

Here are the seven Macross products we bought at our local FamilyMart.

"Zentra☆Mabo-dofu Cha-han" (Mapo doufu and fried rice), 398 yen (about $4.60).

589kcal per meal. "Zentra" means "large" in the fictional race Zentradi's tongue, but apparently not so large a helping.

Mapo doufu is sweet and hot.

Green peas and egg fried rice. It's a little bland but the Mapo doufu is strong flavoured so together they go well.

"Rengi Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen"(Microwave Pork-broth Soy Sauce Ramen), 395 yen(about $4.55).

421kcal per serving.

Microwaved. We took this pic before eating, but the soup seems too low.

The soup gets too thick and the noodles tend to get overcooked in this kind of microwave ramen. Might have been better if they did this as a freezed ramen or instant ramen.


"Piri-kara Hot Dog"(Spicy Hot Dog), 220 yen($2.50).

Sheryl on the label. The hot dogs Sheryl and Alto tried in the movie were too hot for them. Is this one edible?

It's microwaved so the bun gets kind of soggy. Hot dog with mustard, ketchup, ketchup-flavoured spaghetti and hot sauce. Quite hot indeed.

"Ranka Lee Pan" (Ranka Lee Bread or Egg Curry Bread), 110 yen (about $1.20).

The "ka-Lee" part of Ranka Lee is pronounced the same as Curry in Japanese, and "Ran"(which is pronounced more like Lun) is alternative reading of the Chinese character that stands for Tamago(egg).

So it's basically a curry bread with additional egg filling.

"Pine Cake"(Pineapple Cake), 120 yen($1.30).

Pineapple flavoured bun. In Japan, pineapples are often called "pine" in short, though pinewood are also called "pine".

"Annin Mango" drink, 100 yen(about $1.10). Ranka and Sheryl adorns each side of the carton.

Alto and Valkyrie. 30kcal/100ml, 150kcal per pack.

Combined flavour of annin tofu(almond jelly) and mango.

Maybe too sugary to drink with the pineapple cake.

"San-shoku So-su no Annin Doufu"(Annin Tofu with Tricolour Sauce) for dessert. 220 yen(about $2.40).

Topped with whipped cream and tricolour sauce (peach, kiwi and blueberry).

The tie-up products are available at FamilyMart stores throughout Japan until December 14, 2009.

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