“DELETE QUEST III” Screen Saver Reproduces Fear and Desperation of Saved Data Loss

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 23:59 Nov. 24, 2009.)

Dragon Quest III(sold abroad as Dragon Warrior III) was a milestone in the history of console role playing game. Not only the game system was epoch-making, but its hardware was also praised for adopting internal memory for saving game data. The game freed players from writing down encrypted datas with a pen and paper to abort gameplay.

But early data save system was unstable and it led many players to accidental data loss by hardware malfunction. This "DELETE QUEST III" reproduces an error message of Dragon Quest III, regretfully telling that the data(called Imperial Scrolls of Honor in the game) was lost with sepulchral sound effect.

Read on for detail.

Imperial Scrolls of Honor Screen Saver DELETE QUEST III

"DELETE QUEST III" appears, just like a title screen of Japanese version DQIII.

Then it tells you "I'm terribly sorry to inform you but your Imperial Scrolls of Honor is lost forever" with a sound effect. Hit any key to resume.

And this is the actual video. Again, it was one of the worst nightmares for Japanese gamers in certain age.
(JP)YouTube - Your Imperial Scrolls of Honor was completely lost

Author warns us not to use on other's computers. Really, it's a heartstopper for old timers.

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