False News “Osaka Subway Crashed” Panicked News Websites

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 16:59 Nov. 05, 2009.)

On noon, Nov. 5 many news sites uploaded the news telling "Osaka Municipal Subway crashed at Nagahoribashi Station, causing many woundeds" which soon turned out to be a false news. Authorities announced there was a false emergency call.

Read on for detail.

The first news came on about 13:00. news service Kyodo News distributed the news to their networks. As soon as the news revealed to be false, it was deleted.

(cache) Subway crashed in Osaka, wounded many people // Web To-Ou News / 20091105

(cache) Subway crashed in Osaka, wounded many people - Sanyo Shimbun Local Area News

Here's a quote from the news.

Subway crashed in Nagahoribashi Station, Osaka, wounded many people
According to the fire department of Osaka, municipal subway crashed at the Nagahoribashi Station, Osaka on PM, Nov. 5 and caused masses of injuries.

At 13:52, Kyodo News distributed an article for collection.

False Emergency Call "Osaka Subway Crashed" Panicked the City - 47NEWS

About One O'clock on Nov. 5, there was an emergency call telling there was a train crash on municipal subway and many were injured, which was revealed to be a false call by the department person. The site was panicked by arriving emergency squads.
Osaka Police and fire department is injuries.

Yomiuri Shimbun covered Kyodo News and reported "Kyodo News deleted a false news" at 14:06.

Kyodo News distributed false news of Osaka Subway Crash : Social : Yomiuri Online

On afternoon of Nov. 5, Kyodo News deleted their article, saying they had mis-distributed an article about Osaka Subway crash.
The article said there was an emergency call to Osaka fire department saying there was a subway crash at Nagahoribashi Station, Osaka and many were injured, which turned out to be a false call.
Kyodo News commented that they "accidently distributed about the false emergency call as a real news"

Emergency squad had to make an action to respond to this nasty prank, which caused some panic at the site.

These kind of mischiefs deserve to be harshly punished, for it could have caused more serious situation, cutting into real emergency calls.

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