“Tetris’D” flash game gives you an alternative TETRIS experience

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 15:30 Nov. 02, 2009.)

Born in Soviet Union in the late Cold War era, TETRIS has been giving so much pleasure not only to keen gamers but also various people who needs easy kill-time.

Themed on this beloved game, "Tetris' D" succeeded in earning a completely different face. Being a stickman, players run and jump to dodge TETRIS blocks dropping from the sky.

Read on for detail.

Play Tetris'D Game - Stick Figures - Games and Movies

Click "Play Tetris'd" to start game play.

Use 4 arrow keys or WASD key to move and jump and dodge blocks. Press keys longer for a higher jump.

"K" keys to crawl up blocks. Press "J" for wall jump while in midair.

"K" key movement is a point for your survival(a higher score). The key enables player to escape these close situations.

92.04 seconds.

They also got game-based flash movies. They are also fun.
Play Tetris'D - Stick Figures - Games and Movies

Play Tetris'D 2 - Stick Figures - Games and Movies

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