“Coca Cola Plus Fiber” Came Out in Ultraman-ish Bottle

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 15:30 Oct. 29, 2009)

While Pepsi Japan constantly comes up with wacky seasonal flavours, Coca Cola Japan seems to be following a new strategy emphasizing the health effect, as you could see in their green tea-flavoured Coca Cola Plus Catechin this summer. Their new product "Coca Cola Plus Fiber" came out on October 26, 2009, basically a lemon-flavoured Diet Coke with soluble fiber. The bottle looks suspiciously like it's themed on Ultraman, but how does it taste?

Here's our review!

Coca Cola Plus Fiber

This red-on-silver colouring of the label must ring a bell for tokusatsu fans.

No calories, just like other Diet Cokes.

Indigestible dextrin(dietary fiber) comes on top of the list of ingredients. Contains 1.7g fibre per 100ml, 8.5g per bottle. It's advertised as lemon-flavoured, but contains no lemon juice.

The numbers on the cap are for Coca Cola Point Program giveaways.

Pour it in a glass.

Looks the same as any other coke, but the smell might be slightly different.

From the first sip it tastes different from regular Coke, but not as lemony as Pepsi Twist(which actually contains lemon juice). It was sweeter than we expected, not so watery, but the sweetness is still kind of different from regular coke, like all diet cokes. Tastes like some store brand coke. Not the best, but considering the benefits of fiber it might not be a bad choice.

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