Connecting PDA and Laptop with TransferJet connecting technology: CEATEC JAPAN 2009

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Not only on cellphone, TransferJet can be embedded into any devices like digital cameras, laptops and PDAs. In CEATEC JAPAN 2009, Toshiba exhibited working demo of home network using TransferJet and DLNA technology embedded into audio and visual devices.

Read on for detail.

Toshiba: News Releases(2009-10-05): Exhibition on CEATEC JAPAN 2009

TransferJet can tie up every electronics devices.

You can transfer images on digital camera to laptop with TransferJet. And then DLNA network transfer the data to television.

TransferJet PC will be the gateway to DLNA network.

Using Toshiba Qosmio as a base laptop.

TransferJet terminal based on dynapocket smartphone.

When you want to transfer data, run transfer software first.

Then touch on TransferJet symbol in the left of touchpad.

Actual transferring. As soon as you touch on laptop, transfer completes and the monitor shows the image.
YouTube - TransferJet Embedded Laptop by Toshiba 01

Let's try it again. It's much faster than we thought.
YouTube - TransferJet Embedded Laptop by Toshiba 02

While there is a security problem like data skimming, this TranferJet surely improves user-friendliness of digital devices around us. At least we will no more be bothered by entangled cables.

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