Low-Voltage and Energy-Efficient “Organic EL Flash” by ROHM: CEATEC JAPAN 2009

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 22:40 Oct. 06, 2009)

While existing xenon flashtube requires voltage as high as 400 volts,
this OLED flash needs only about 12 volts. By emitting light from the whole surface instead of a single point, it can provide even lighting without reflector or lens.

Video and pics after the cut!


This is the "Organic EL Flash".

It realized low voltage(12V max.) operation.

A working demo was on display.

YouTube - Low-Voltage, Low-Power-Consumption "Organic EL Flash"

Hard to tell by this picture but it's actually quite bright. Although it's not yet at the power level to replace xenon flash devices in still cameras, it's bright enough for digital cameras.

Thin and light.

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