IgCodec - the Free and Fast Made In Japan Lossless Video Codec

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Not only for viewing, video codecs are used in variety of ways. For example, in a remote desktop software. The software needs to send video of everything on one PC's desktop to another in a real time. To realize this, powerful codec is needed in order to reduce the size of video data for faster data transfer. You can say the same thing on WebCamera chat and video streaming software like KeyHoleTV.

IgCodec is first developed for this purpose and now released as totally license-free Lossless video codec, which can be embedded to any software you are developing.

Read on for detail.

IgCodec v 1.0.0 Release - [ ZeroRemote vendor Ichiaki's Blog ]

IgCodec - high-Speed Lossless Video Codec - [ ZeroRemote vendor Ichiaki's Blog ]

IGCodec first started as ZeroCodec, the video codec for programmer Ichiaki's remote desktop software ZeroRemote. IgCodec improved the speed on converting RGb-IUV and added "FastLZ" and LZF to library for more efficient data compression.

Click here to download.

Right-click on "lgcodec.inf" in the archive and select "install"

You can uninstall it from "Add/Remove Programs properties" in control panel

4 codecs will be installed.

IGC1: Priority-Speed first
IGC2: Priority-Speed first(ZeroRemote Only)
IGC3: Priority-Compression rate first
IGC4: Priority-Compression rate first(ZeroRemote Only)

Here are list of other famous Loss-Less Video Codecs. Each of them has different ability and terms of use so choose whichever fits you the best.

Vector:AMV2MT/AMV3 video Codec (WindowsNT/2000/XP/Vista / image & Sound) - Software Description

LCL Webpage

A Life of a Programmer >> Ut Video Codec Suite

MSU Screen Capture Lossless Codec

MSU Lossless Video Codec

Lagarith Lossless Video Codec


VideoSoft.org - FastCodec

CorePNG v0.8.2 - Jory Stone's Place

Uni - Recording Software

It's great that there's so many alternative for programmers to use.

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