Yoshito Usui, “Crayon Shin-chan” author found dead in Mt. Arafuneyama Gunma

Body of Yoshito Usui, the author of famed comic and anime "Crayon Shin-chan" was found in Mt. Arafuneyama, Gunma, to our greatest regret.

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Body under the cliff turned out to be "Crayon Shinchan" author : Social : YOMIURI ONLINE

Author Usui told his family he's "going on a day-trip climbing Mt. Arafuneyama, Gunma"on Sept. 11, and left his home in Kasugabe. Since he hadn't come back by Sept. 12, his family requested the Saitama prefectural police to search for him, in fear of his distress.

Joint search with Gunma and Nagano prefectural police was made and they found a male body on Sept. 19 in Mt. Arafuneyama.

Body found in the Moutain, could be "Crayon Shinchan" Author News i - TBS Video News Site(Web Cache)

On Sept. 20, Gunma prefectural police identified the body as author Yoshito Usui himself. Police told at the conference that he seemed to have slipped off off from the cliff while taking pictures of mountains with his digital camera.

Started from summer 1990, Crayon Shinchan is surely the long-running manga in the industry. Anime adaption from 1992 has been also favored, although some "thoughtful" parents and teachers blamed the comic for children's misbehaviours. Movie adaption "Crayon Shinchan Arashi wo Yobu Appare! Sengoku Daigassen(lit. Crayon Shinchan: Hurrah for Storm! Great Feudal War)" re-adapted as a live action movie "BALLAD - a nameless lovesong". Another great loss to the manga culture.

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