NES Controller Business Card Holder by Banpresto

Banpresto is to release NES controller-themed business card holders this October. They come in two versions (controller I and II) based on the Japanese Famicom's controller design.

Read on for details and pics.

(Japanese)"Famicom" Controller Business Card Holder Reborn! - Tokyo Walker

These will be actually a second generation of NES controller card case by Banpresto, the first being released briefly in 2004 as a prize for crane games.

The 2004 versions were made of plastic.

The new products are made of aluminum, so it doesn't look so cheap. 60 × 93mm.

Unlike its NES counterpart, the 2nd controller of Famicom featured a michrophone.

The card holder has a divider so you can keep the cards you received apart from your own business cards.

To be on sale in late October for 1,029 yen (about $11) each.

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