Quick Photo Review on KDDI’S “PLY” and “PRISMOID” handset for “iida” line

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 13:50 Sept. 09, 2009.)

Here's the closeup photos for KDDI's "iida" line headsets announced today at press conference. Both "PLY" and "PRISMOID" are unique enough to arouse our material desire.

Read on for detail.

Left: "PRISMOID" designed by Naoto Fukasawa Right:"PLY" designed by Hideo Kanbara

"PRISMOID" is chamfered and takes totally opposite approach from "INFOBAR"

Adopted clamshell design.

LCD is deep-set a bit.

The keys are easy to press, giving good handling with chamfered body.

Side OEL display shows letters like this.


"PLY" adapted layered design.

Adopted1slide-out keypad.

Looks like hand note with index labels.

Slide switches on the right side.

A lock key.

Each keys have different functions.

Back side.

A keypad.

Go to the official site for more detailed specs.

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