“FINAL FANTASY XIII” Release Date and Price for Japan confirmed at Press Conference

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 19:44 Sept.08, 2009.)

At "FINAL FANTASY XIII PREMIERE PARTY" held at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo, Square Enix revealed the release date and retail price for FF13. Following prior articles, some more details about antagonist "The Sanctum" also came out in the party.

Read on for detail.

FINAL FANTASY XIII to be released on Dec.27 | SQUARE ENIX

Release Date:Dec.27, 2009
Retail Price: 9240 Yen(about $100 USD)
B rated(12+) on CERO

Here's synopsis:

This is a story of inevitable distiny in Cocoon, a dreamland in the sky and Pulse, an unexplored country. After thirteen days of hovering, they will face their destiny--.

The site. Full of news media peoples.

At the reception desk.

The Japanese official page are now updated and there are some information about "The Sanctum", antagonists to Lightning and her comerades. They aren't shown on the international site but will be there soon.

Lt. Col. Yaag Rosch, commanding PSICOM, an elite unit of The Sanctum. He seeks Lightning, the Luci, and her company for the peace of Cocoon city.

Yaag Rosch ordering PSICOM soldiers.

"You guys are so ignorant to what is going on !"

"Luci" is something which is considered to threaten world's establishment.

But he seems to have questions about indiscriminant purging of "Luci".

Lt. Col. Jihl Nabaat, an officer of PSICOM. Looks beautiful but cruel and brutal. Much discriminating people who became "Luci".

Beauty in eyeglasses

Sazh is captureed by PSICOM

Vanilla is also captured.

Seems to have diametrically-opposed viewpoint from Lt. Col. Yaag.


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