Japanese Horror Flick “Grotesque” Banned in Britain - What the Director Has to Say?

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 22:21 Aug. 20, 2009)

The British Board of Film Classification(BBFC) has refused to grant an 18 certificate to Japanese horror movie Grotesque, due to its disturbing and "unacceptable" content.

This is only the fourth film to be refused an 18 certificate by BBFC in four years, so naturally, our curiosity is piqued. How did director Kohji Shiraishi take the news? And how gruesome is the film, actually?

Read on for details and pics.

Movie "GROTESQUE" Official Website

(The website seems to be down due to the unexpected attentions)

You can still see the trailer on the links below. Beware, it's certainly not for the weak hearted.



The film is banned since "Unlike other recent 'torture' themed horror works, such as the Saw and Hostel series, Grotesque features minimal narrative or character development and presents the audience with little more than an unrelenting and escalating scenario of humiliation, brutality and sadism. In spite of a vestigial attempt to 'explain' the killer's motivations at the very end of the film, the chief pleasure on offer is not related to understanding the motivations of any of the central characters. Rather, the chief pleasure on offer seems to be wallowing in the spectacle of sadism (including sexual sadism) for its own sake", according to BBFC director David Cook.

And here's what director Kohji Shiraishi has to say.

Movie "GROTESQUE" Banned in UK!

As it happens, "GROTESQUE: UNRATED VERSION" has been banned in U.K. I'm quite delighted and flattered by this most expected reaction from the faraway country, since the film is an honest conscientious work, made sure to upset the so-called moralists.
In Japan the unrated version is available in DVD.
It's a suitable film for couples, so please take advantage and watch it in your quality time.

Koji Shiraishi, Director/ Screenwriter of GROTESQUE

Here's the synopsis.

Kazuo(Hiroaki Kawatsure) is on the first date with his co-worker/crush Aki(Tsugumi Nagasawa). Shy as they are, they gradually warm to each other as the day progress. But then, suddenly they're attacked by someone and wake up tied and gagged in a confined basement.
A mysterious surgeon informs the frightened two; "I'll let you go if you can affect me with your love for each other." According to his philosophy, true love can only be proven in ultimate pain and humiliation.

So the torture begins...

Speaking of imprisonment and torture, lately the mystery-horror film Martyrs seems to be disturbing people all over the world.

The much talked-about French film is to premiere in Japan on August 29, 2009. Some trailers are posted on YouTube.

YouTube - MARTYRS Trailer

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