No more wallpaper searching! “Desktop Earth” automatically provides spectacular wallpaper

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 18:25 Aug. 20, 2009.)

A critical solution for your endless wallpaper search. This "Desktop Earth" provides spectacular wallpaper of the globe from NASA's enormous satellite photo archive. It's so great to see the world changing every minute on your desktop. Large display user? Multi-display setting? No problem at all.

Read on for detail!

Basically, the software combines images from NASA's "Blue Marble Next Generation" and "Earth's City Lights" to make a wallpaper image.

"Desktop Earth" has both install version and online version. The former supports maximum 2560*1280 resolution and automatic image interchanging. Online version supports up to 1980*1200 resolution. It doesn't have automatic rotation, but it's much easier to use.

OK. Let's start from online version. Access the site below.

Desktop Earth Online -

Choose which area you want to put center.

Set date and time.

Set resolution and click "Generate". Download soon begins.

Like this. Set this image as wallpaper from right-click menu or desktop property.

Now install version.

Desktop Earth 2.0 -

Click to download installer.

Click to run installer.

Click "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Close"

This will automatically change your wallpaper.

Right-click this icon in task tray and choose "Options" to change settings.

Setting menu.

Setting for center area.

Setting for daytime image.

Setting for nighttime image.

Interval time for rotation.

Click on "Cloud updates" for cloud image.

Fill the checkbox and choose interval time. This will generate realistic image of cloud on the wallpaper.

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