Is Capcom attempting to sue Fake “Monster Hunter”?

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 12:20 July 27, 2009.)

In prior article, we reported about "Hunter Blade", Chinese rip-off MMORPG of Capcom's "Monster Hunter" franchise. Since its animation and captured voices are too much like Monster Hunter, it called steaming controversy among Internet habitants.

Read on for detail.

This is the actual "HUNTER BLADE" uploaded at Nico Nico Douga. So much comments are saying that the most motions, designs and voices are alike(almost identical) to the original.
HUNTER BLADE 獵刀‐Nico Nico Douga(BB)

If these mimicry goes too far, Capcom should be thinking something. So, we called on PR section of Capcom and asked what they are going to do. They commented "Nothing is scheduled concretely so we couldn't make any comments for now."

And also, we asked whether they make some actions if Chinese company would copy some motions and voices pointed out by many users. Capcom PR person said "It's the field of IR and legal works, so appropriate section will make some action."

Selling 3.5 million copies of PSP game "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G", "Monster Hunter" is one of Capcom's fattest cashcow. Whatever action they would make, they have to be quick. According to the link below, the operating demo of "HUNTER BLADE" was exhibited at a game related event in China and attracted visitors. ― [CJ 09]Eye-taking, sort of. How much does "Hunter Blade" resemble to it's "Origin"?

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