Weirdest combination ever, “Feudal Housemaid Cafe” to open in Akihabara

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 15:37 June 7, 2009.)

If you are a anime, manga or game fan, you probably heard of "Maid Kissa(lit. Maid Cafe)" where cute(often modestly) girls in French maid cosplay serve you bevarages, play card games and so.

Originating around 2000, maid kissa has been combining various field of otaku favorites. There are "Tsundere" cafe, "Mother" cafe, "Medic" cafe, "Butler" cafe...and they finally got to the combination with "Sengoku".

Read on for detail.

(JP)Feudal Maid Cafe & Bar MONONOPU Official Blog

According to their official blog, they are going to open "MONONOPU", feudal age-themed maid cafe & bar this month and now hiring staffs. Menu and fees are still undisclosed according to the official site.

Their Official Site.

It's true that Sengoku BASARA is booming, but it's rather difficult to relate maid-cosplay girls and samurais. We can't even imagine how it will be.

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