2nd Season of “Sengoku BASARA” launching in 2010

A new season of "Sengoku BASARA", the ongoing anime famous for its drastic interpretation of Japanese feudal age, will begin in 2010, revealed by TV station CBC.

Lately it became quite a common strategy to show the latter 13 episodes of an anime after several interval, instead of showing 26 episodes at once. Sengoku BASARA seems to have adopted the method.

Read on for detail.

(JP)Anime:Sengoku BASARA

The anime is aired on TBS-related stations. Among them, CBC is the first to air the latest episodes, at 25:29 every Wednesday. On June 17(Wed.), the 1st season of Sengoku BASARA concluded on CBC. In the airing, CBC showed us an advertisement telling "the 2nd Season of Sengoku BASARA debuts in 2010"

The anime's popularity(chiefly among women) contributes to the local economy of Miyagi very much. "Sengoku BASARA rice" has sold 1000 bags in 10days, and anime-pilgrims visit Gokoku Jinja shrine to dedicate Sengoku BASARA-illustrated ema. Gokoku Jinja is built in the site of Sendai Castle where real-life warlord Date Masamune lived.
Release date of DVDs are not concretely announced yet. Officials say that the vol.1 will be released on July 1st, vol.2 on Aug. 5 and vol.3 on Sept. 2. The DVD consists of 2 episodes each and special anime "Mini Sengoku BASARA - Chosokabe kun and Mori kun" will be featured. There will be 7 volumes in total and 7th volume will contain unaired episode.

Date Masamune and Katakura Kojuro will appear on the sleeve of vol.1

Asai Nagamasa and Oichi on vol.3


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