Japanese inventor will shock you by his weird gadgets

Truly innovative inventions seems so weird at first to us ignorants. How many of us could understand the greatness of Walkman and Social Networking at the first sight?

But sometimes, all we can do is to take them as a new kind of joke. Kenji Kawakami of Chindougu(Odd Gadgets) Society is one of those joke inventors. Let's take a look at what he got.

Read on for detail.

(JP)Chairman of Chindougu Society, Inventor Mr. Kawakami 5 pics: AFPBB News

(JP)Reverse Your Mind Setting | CHINDOGU

"Eyedropper eyeglasses". So convenient but too odd.

Mr.Kawakami showing his Einstein smile.

Anti-bang Alarm Clock to prevent accindental abort.

"Hayfever Hat", with toilet paper coil.


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