Beautiful Stainless Steel Unit-00 of “Evangelion SUS Figure Project”

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The good people at Ota Sangyo kindly allowed us this coverage of "Evangelion SUS Figure Project", the 1 metre tall model of Evangelion Unit-00 made of stainless steel and titanium. So here's the pics and videos. Ogle all you like!

Evangelion SUS Figure Project / Ohta Sangyo Co, Ltd.

Ohta Sangyo's metalwork factory located in Inami, Hyogo.

Surrounded by farms and warehouses.

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The workshop/storage.

Unmistakably Unit 00!

Unit-00 standing in her distinctive posture.

It looks way bigger than 1 metre tall.

The coloured parts are titanium.

Socket for entry plug.

Shoulder and pectoral area.

There are slight gap in some joints. The artisans at Ohta Kogyo consider it improvable yet.


Shoes (or feet).



Now give her another once-over. (That's "her", since Evangelions got somewhat maternal nature)

Each parts are cut out from these metal sheets.

180 or so pieces in all. Nearly impossible to put together once disassembled.

Stainless steels are purchased in sheets (roughly 3*6 ft.), so nearly 30% will be left over in the end of each project. The Unit-00 is made of these leftover metals.


The shoe consists of five parts.

Fingers. A bit creepy.

They literally went through countless cut-and-try.

Another Unit-00 is built behind this screen.

"We've got a blueprint of Unit-01, but not sure if we'll build it" says Katsuhisa Ohta, head of Ohta Sangyo. This Unit-00 will be exhibited at LaLaport TOKYO-BAY from Fri. 26 June to Sun. 5 July.

Of course, they're not always making robot figures at Ohta Sangyo. Their main products are industrial equipments like the picture below. They also manage Hazai Kyoyu Net, a network to deal scrap metal, merchandise original stainless steel jewelry and original golf clubs.

They're planning some other Evangelion related items in metal. By the way, this Unit-00 is not for sale but according to Mr. Ohta, it will cost more than a million yen if it's merchandised.

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