“Angel Beats!”, the new animation by “CLANNAD” and “AIR” producer in progress

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 11:42 June 1, 2009.)

It was recently unveiled that a project named "Angel Beasts!" is in motion with famous game writer/producer Jun Maeda. It's a collaborative project by visual novel studio key, anime distributor Aniplex, and game magazine Dengeki G's Magazine. First, it was thought to be some play-by-mail game or another visual novel game, but it turned out to be a new TV animation.

The schedules and production studios are still unknown, but it does attract us a lot.

Read on for detail.

The real-size advertisement at game shop Gamer's Nanba branch.

It's the new project by key,ANIPLEX and Dengeki G's magazine

The cover art of Dengeki G's magazine July issue is "Angel Beats!".

The featured page telling the project has turned out to be a new anime.

The schedule and staffs are "Under review" besides Maeda Jyun, and Na-Ga, character design.

"Yurippe", one of the leads. She resembles you-know-who so much that at first the project was rumored as the "2nd season".

Another lead "the angel". Staged in the afterworld, the story depicts her fight against other angels with Yurippe and SSS, Shinda Sekai Sensen(lit. The Battlefront Afterworld).

The Gamers' limited postcard handed at the store.

Saya Tokito of "Little Busters! Ecstasy"'s bathroom poster comes with the magazine.

Well, it's a bit explicit.

There are three PVs released so far. Click on each images for video.

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