Which users are more experienced, Wii’s or PS3’s? Poll revealed the history of gamers

Wii hardwares and softwares are rather less expensive than other consoles and this makes beginners and non-frequent users to get their hands on it. But this does not mean that Wii users consists of newbies and non-geeks. Poll revealed that Wii users have more longer gaming history than PS3 users.

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According to the poll made on 800 cell phone users from teens to 40's, 28.0% of people answered that "Wii is the only console they have" and their average age is 32.2. For PS3, 4.3% of people answered that they have PS3 only and their average age was 29.4, while 5.6% of people answered that they have both consoles, their average age 29.4.

Furthermore, while 40.2% of "Wii only" users have "played video games for more than 20 years", only 23.5% of "PS3 only" played games that long. The result clearly shows that the Wii users are more older and has longer gaming history than the PS3 users in general.

But to the question "How many game consoles have you ever owned?", average Wii user had 7.8 consoles, while PS3 users' 8.9, which shows that PS3 users has advantage in number of game consoles they ever tried.

Comparision of how many kind of consoles they have owned.

Also, the most common reason of selecting the console is that "The console had a most-wanted game" for both Wii and PS3 users. But the second common reason is different. Wii users bought their console for they "want to play with families" or "want to experience the new interface" and PS3 users chose for "dynamics and beauty of the images" or "for Blu-ray drive", which reflects the each consoles' characteristics.

And more, the genre of the game they like is also different. Wii users like RPGs, sport games and puzzle games while PS3 users like actions, simulations and RPGs. It's interesting that RPGs are favorites for both users.

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