NHK Tech Lab really rocks! Transferring 24Gbps super-HD video via Satellite “Kizuna”

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 21:16 May 21, 2009.)

NHK Tech Lab prepared astonishing live telecast super-HD theatre, which is equipped with 33M pix display and 22.2ch multi-channel surround. It's just great, but the transferring technology which enables this live-telecasting is even greater.

Using dish antenna, the system receives the super-HD video data(24Gbps for images and 27.6Mbps for sound) from Sapporo, 500 miles away from Tokyo.

Let's see what's behind the show.

Super-HD on Satellite
- Super-SD broadcasting via Broad-band satellite -

The dish antenna set in front of NHK Tech Lab

The board telling the summary of the system

Showing how the data comes from Hokkaido to Tokyo

The data receiver.

The channel selector.

The encoding and decoding diagram. The non-encoded SHD video needs 24Gbps bit rate. Even the sound needs 27.6Mbps. There's no wireless network which can handle this size of data. So the video is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec and the sound is encoded in MPEG-2 AAC. This will make the size as small as about 100Mbps, which is the size satellite can handle. Doing this in real-time broadcasting isn't a easy thing.

Satellite can transfer the data in 370Mbps to 500 Mbps. So 100Mbps data is within the satellite's capability, leaving enough room for other transfers.

No news program needs SHV camera and 22.2ch microphone array. It's way over too much.

The data decoder, a massive array of powerful CPUs.

The oscilloscope monitoring the signal from High-speed Internet satellite "Kizuna"

The "Satellite" label on the channel selector

The window-frame thing is the display showing the SHD video transferred from Hokkaido

It's too realistic to say it's a video. You will probably feel you are looking outside through the window.

The sound is recorded and played on 22.2ch surround speaker, which is also realistic.

Another Super-HD video, sent simultaneously. The data is compressed to 100Mbps in total, 96Mbps video and 2Mbps sound.

The image is realistic enough to make you dizzy.

It requires too big a bit-rate for now to stream the data via video-sharing sites. And it's so disappointing that our hand-cam can't capture the reality to share the amazing feeling with you.

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