Paper-Thin and Flexible, “Flexble OEL Display” shown at NHK Tech Lab Public viewing 2009

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 19:28 May 21, 2009.)

One of the most popular exhibitions in NHK Tech Lab's public viewing is "Flexible Organic EL Display", which is so thin, light, and energy-efficient. NHK Tech Lab developed this device as tomorrow's portable TV display, which will be somewhat unprecedentedly epoch-making.

Read on for its flexibility shown in photos and videos!

Flexible OEL Display
~ To be a REAL portable display ~

The "Flexible OEL display" booth, which were right next to the entrance.

The description. They improved the capability and uniformity of TFT(Thin Film Transistor) array by evolving the development of silicone layer by the photolithography.

The spec board. The sample is 5.8" at diagonal, 213pix * 120 pix. And the thickness, or thinness is just 125 micro-meters (about 0.000039 inch, wow!)

The working sample of "flexible OEL display"

It really looks like a photo pinned on the cork board.

See this video. It's really working.

See it flapping like a piece of film.

Not only TV, it can be a competent alternative for paper media. Using for portable game console or cell phone also seems nice.

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