2009 Summer model Cell Phones of NTT docomo - Part 1

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 15:53 May 19, 2009)

NTT DOCOMO announced today of its 18 new models of FOMA handsets, coming out this summer. The models are divided into four series, "PRIME", "STYLE", "SMART" and "PRO", closely attuned to the latest preferences and lifestyles of cell phone users.

Here's the first part of the lineup, including AQUOS SHOT with 10 mega pixel camera, SPORTS EDITION for athletic users and high-speed model L-06A and so on, introduced in the "PRIME" series.

Read on for details and pics!

-PRIME Series
F-09A (Fujitsu) to be launched in May-June, 2009
480*960 3.4 inch touchscreen LCD
8.1M pixel camera featuring "Milbeaut Mobile", adopting the technologies of "Milbeaut" DSLR image processing engine
Motion Sensor and Excercise Counter

L-06A (LG) Release: June-July, 2009
480*800 3.0 inch Wide VGA Touchscreen LCD
5.1 mega pixel camera with face-recognition autofocus function
"Google Service Key" for easy access to Google Menu
High-speed FOMA communication (Up: 5.7Mbps, Down 7.2Mbps)

N-06A (NEC) Relase Date: May 22, 2009
480*854 Full-Wide VGA Touchscreen LCD
8.1M pixel camera with face-recognition autofocus, "Smile Mode" and "Speed Movie" function to shoot 120 frame/sec.
Max 54Mbps high-speed communication via Wi-Fi connection
"SRS TruMedia" featured for 5.1ch surround sound, "Voice Imput Mail" to create text message by speaking

N-07A (NEC) Release: July, 2009
"SPORTS EDITION" with sporty design, pre-installed Workout application by KONAMI Sports Club and other contents.
3.0 inch Full-Wide VGA LCD, 3.2 mega pixel autofocus camera
Features "SRS TruMedia" and "Voice Input Mail" function.

P-07A (Panasonic) Release Date: May 22, 2009
3.1 inch Full-Wide VGA LCD
8.1 mega pixel camera with "iA (Intelligent Auto)" mode, face-recognition autofocus function and high-intensity LED flash
"Mobile W Speed" to quadruplicate 1seg frame rate to 60/sec.
"Mobile W Contrast AI" achieves 10000: 1 high-contrast.

SH-06A (SHARP) Release: May-June, 2009
3.3 inch Full-Wide VGA Touchscreen LCD
10 mega pixel CCD camera with high-intensity LED flash, "Chase Focus" function and various shooting mode.
Cooperate with automotive navigation system.
"Voice Input Mail", "DOLBY Mobile" for 5.1ch surround sound.
Can receive 640*360 HD videos when connected to Blu-ray recorder via USB.

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