Video of the ox carriage which determined the fate of Kyoto’s Aoi Matsuri

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 21:53 May 15, 2009.)

Ox carriage is one of the essentials to add elegant atmosphere to Aoi Matsuri. But this year, due to the decreasing in the number of cattle farmers these days, the officials had difficulty to find oxen suit for the carrige. Pulling the carriage seems easy to us, but it's hard to find oxen which are not afraid of squeaky sound of the carrige.

So the Aoi Matsuri won't last without the ox carriage. If it were to disappear, so does the festival.

Read on for videos.

The ox carridge. So squeaky. It needed a lot of help from human.

The carriage was pretended to be the acting Emperor's car. But in these days, the carriage is just for pomp of the festival.

The spare ox.

According to the commentary, oxen these days are too weak to pull the carriage so they need some help.

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