Kon-Katsu Bra to hunt your Mr. Right

Japanese lingerie maker Triumph International came up with yet another interesting concept-bra. This time, they focused on the Japanese buzz-word "Kon-katsu (hubbie-hunt)".

Read on for details and pics.

MSN Sankei News - Triumph unveiled their new "Konkatsu Bra"

"Kon-katsu" is short for "Kekkon-Katsudo (lit: Marriage Activity)", a spinoff from the term "Shushoku-Katsudo (job hunting)" which is often abbreviated as "Shu-katsu".

The "Konkatsu Bra" proudly declares your "婚活中(Konkatsu-chu: on the hunt)" status.

Triumph girl Hiromi Nishiuchi.

The circular hankie with your number can be dropped discreetly when you came by a husband-material.

You can set a time limit for your hubbie hunting on the "Konkatsu Countdown Clock".

The tune is the Wedding March (Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" from Lohengrin).

There's also a penholder pocket on left side.

Heart-shaped oven mitts are attached to the apron.

You can see some more pics here and watch a video here.

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