Fanatic’s choice, “Lucky Star” Credit card accepts application from today

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 15:31 May 12, 2009.)

While the economical effect of the anime is growing stronger and stronger these days, "Lucky Star" is one of the first anime which gave an notable impact to real economy. In 2007, the title brought so many visitors to the real life setting of the story, Washinomiya, Saitama. The title made fans visit the sight and brought some 42 million yen (about 390,000 USD) to the back-country city's income.

And here comes the next otaku-inflamer. A credit card strongly aimed to "Lucky Star" fans, offering alot of prizes. Can this rival its antecessor Idol M@aster VISA card?

Read on for a detail.

(Japanese)Lucky Star's credit card debut!

(Japanese)Lucky Star's credit card debut! - "Legendary Girl A" is going Credit Card

Member Fee is free for the first year, 1312 yen (About 13 USD) from the second year. But more than one usage in a year will make next year's member fee free.

The mechanism to make the holder use the card is unique and well considered. The point you get when you use the card is used not only as an alternative of money but to exchange with "Lucky Star" original goods limited for members.

And more, when you buy at online anime shop "", an online shop which handles official "Lucky Star" goods, you will get twice the usual shopping point, which causes impulsive shopping. Also, it adopts the non-contact IC card service of various careers which more increases the chance of spending.

As a special prize, you will get special trading cards of "Lucky Star" characters, attached to the monthly usage description. The description will not be issued if there's no usage during the month so you have to shop at least once a month for more than half a year.

They also provide the special display board for these cards. You may pay for it or exchange with the points you have earned.

As a matter of fact, otakus tend to lavish on their hobby. It has been the trend to emerge otaku culture with real world stuff these days, as you can see the big hit of 700 dollar K-ON! Headphone or rice in moe-girl illustrated plastic bag.

So the marketing aimed on otaku seems to be a good idea, but can you show this card with anime girl illustration to shop clerks? That's tough.

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