The latest game footage of “Modern Warfare 2” revealed

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 12:00 May 12, 2009.)

The latest game footage of "Modern Warfare 2", the sequel to Activision's big-selling FPS game series "Call of Duty", was revealed as the spot commercial during the NBA semi-final.

Activision once screened a teaser trailer at Game Developers Conference in March, which had a lot of clues for the oncoming game. But the thing was almost audio-only so we were not quite sure what would be going on.

This video includes actual in-game sequences so it describes the atmosphere of the game well. It's gonna be massive and intense again, as you've seen in the former titles.

Read on for the dynamic action in the video, and close review.

Modern Warfare 2 Reveal Promo Shows Some Skin |

Some NATO force raid an enemy facility.

F-15 fighter supporting the assault. Watch out for the Star Spangled Banner patch on the right guy's shoulder.

Looks like enemies are equipped with eastern weapons, such as Mig-29 fighters and AK-47 assault rifles. It seems that hand-to-hand combat is to be featured in the game.

Enemy falling back. The assault is succeeding.

Special force penetrating with Swimmer Delivery Vehicle. They got Star Spangled Banner patch too.

Harbor facilities, or oil rigs?

The stage jumps to the snow field

This time we got the chase sequence on the snow mobile.

There was an too realistic supporting fire sequence from AC-130 Gunship in former "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare". This movie also consists the scene like one. The soldier is detected through thermal vision.

The complete trailer is to be on TNT during NBA EC Final on May, 24.

The series handles the solid themes, like nuclear terrorism in the 4th and the fearsome fight on Pacific front during WW2 in the 5th. Maybe we can expect some dignified drama on this sequel again.

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