PS2 game “Sengoku BASARA” becoming stageplay on July

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 13:26 May 7, 2009.)

"Sengoku BASARA", also known as "Devil Kings", is one of Capcom's biggest selling franchise. It has been adapted to comics, trading cards, music and drama CDs, TV anime and a lot others. And their diversification strategy seems unstoppable. Now Sengoku BASARA has been revealed to become a play. The show will be housed at "Theater G-rosso", the Tokusatsu-specialized theater Tokyo Dome from July 3rd to 12th.

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(Japanese)Capcom's "Sengoku BASARA" stage play adaption revealed - More diversification marketing following the trend on Sengoku age

"Sengoku BASARA" is a PS2 game set in late 16th centry Japan, with added drastic arrange to Sengoku Busho, major Samurai leaders. Thanks to this arrange, the game succeeded in gathering wide range of fans, especially women(which make up 40% of the game's user population). Also, it contributes to the regional revitalization through tourism.

The play re-creates the world of "Sengoku BASARA" with dramatic visuals and sounds, including realistic sword fights.

Date Masamune is played by Yuki Kubota of Keigo Atobe in "The Prince of Tennis". and Sanada Yukimura is played by Shinwa Kataoka of Go-On Blue in "Engine Sentai GO-onger"

There have been many theater adaption from games, animes, and mangas, like "Ace Attorney" by Takarazuka Revue and "The Prince of Tennis" musical, which contributed in gathering fans with different tastes. How will this "BASARA" play turn out to be?

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