Anison Rules! Anime songs dominated 7 out of Top 10 CD sales ranking

Among so many CDs released in Japan, anime-related songs have dominated 7 out of Top 10 ranking, at the Oricon CD weekly sales ranking. Does it mean that anison has begun to rule the world of show biz?

Read on for detail.

(Jp)Single Weekly Ranking - Oricon STYLE Ranking

01 Share the world / We Are!: by TVXQ - ("ONE PIECE" OP)
02 Don't say "Lazy": by Sakuragaoka High School Rock Band - ("K-ON!" ED)
03 non-anime related
04 Cagayake Girls!: by Sakuragaoka High School Rock Band - ("K-ON!" OP)
05 non-anime related
06 Yume wo Mikatani / Heartfelt Dream by AYAKA("Cross Game" ED)
07 Shuketsu no Sono e by Megumi Hayashibara("CR Neon Genesis Evangelion - Saigo no Shisha" Image Song)
08 Niji by KOBUKURO("Cross Game" ED)
09 non-anime related
10 Hetalia Character CD Vol.2 by Germany("Hetalia" Germany's Song)

Recently in Japan, there's a trend that "normal" music fans buy pop songs online through cell phone as Chaku-uta, the truetone. So sales of non-anime CD is declining. But on anime CD's, there are some extra features like posters and booklets to make anime fans buy them. So, we can not conclude if this indicates whether the popularity of anime in Japan, or enthusiasm of anime fans in Japan. But 7 out of top 10! Isn't it interesting?

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