Extremely Small-Sized Tetris Code written in JavaScript, only 564 bytes long

We are in the age of Terabytes. But there are many short-code addicts who can write a great program in so small a size. This tetris was written by a Japanese programmer, who challenges his limit.

Read on for detail and source code to copy and paste.

(Jp)Seven-Liner Tetris

Here's the whole source code. It's only 563bytes long!

Copy and paste the code above on Notepad and save it in a name with ".html" extension, like "tetris.html". Then open the file in your browser. Left and Right key to move, Enter key to Rotate.

We checked it on IE, Firefox, and Opera and all worked fine. If you got the appearance like this, change the setting of browser's screen font to monospaced one, such as "Courier New", "DejaVu Sans Mono", "Monaco" or something.

He also got Puyo Puyo and some other interesting scripts and tips on his site. Enjoy!

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