FF13 Demo Boosted the Sales of PS3 in Japan Significantly

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 11:39, Apr. 24, 2009)

The sales of PS3 was increased by a considerable rate last week, thanks to FINAL FANTASY XIII Trial Version bundled with Blu-ray software FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE released on April 16th.

Read on for details.

(Japanese)This Week's Ranking - MEDIA CREATE

According to Media Create, a research&consulting firm that specializes in game industry, "FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE" sold 274,774 copies during April 13-19, 2009.

With the release of 160GB "Cloud Black" model PS3, PS3 console sold impressive 62,527 units during the same period.

This is more than four times the sales figure previous week, a noteworthy victory over portable consoles such as Nintendo DSi and PSP.

The sales of game consoles: April 13-19, 2009

This is the second time PS3 topped portable consoles, the first time being the week when Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots came out.

Remember it was only a demo(bundled with Blu-ray movie) that came out last week. At this rate, what will happen when FF XIII finally comes out?

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