Terminals for “XGP”, WILLCOM’s Next Generation PHS Network

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 13:28 Apr. 22, 2009)

WILLCOM announced their new "XGP" mobile network service based on PHS technology, to be launched on April 27th in limited area. Here's our photo review of the terminals and base-station devices.

Read on for details and pics.

This is the base-station to provide "XGP", WILLCOM's next generation PHS network.

Two card-type terminal for "XGP" connection.

"GX000N" by NEC INFRONTIA and "GX000IN" by NetIndex.

"GX000N", you can see a SIM card slot on the near side.

Product description board for "GX000N". Weight & Dimensions are 56(W) x 10(D) x 115(H) mm, 50g.


"GX000IN" is a bit smaller and lighter, 54(W) x 7.5(D) x 110(H) mm, 45g.

Compare it side by side.

As of 13:27 Apr. 22, 2009, details including the service rate and terminal's prices undisclosed.

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