Sony’s “X series” High-end walkman announced today, with many features!

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 12:16 Apr. 14, 2009.)

Sony announced new "X series" for their Walkman lineup. It's just great.

The word "flagship" or "Suite" best describes this little gadget. The digital noise cancelling device, hi-fi full-digital amplifier, OEL display to be used for 1-seg TV...and so many. Want to see YouTube? Use the web browser with wireless LAN connection.

And also, you don't need to use the inconvenient "Sonic Stage" software anymore to transfer your files to Walkman. That's the greatest step forward.

Read on for further description!

(JP)High-Fidelity Audio Experience with High Quality Sound and Video "Walkman X series" | Press Release | Sony

According to the press release, Sony is releasing two Walkman audio players for their new "X series" from Apr. 25. "NW-X1060" with 32GB flash memory and "NW-X1050" with 16GB.

Both Walkman are equipped with "S-Master" digital amplifier used in Sony's other AV equipments, and "Digital Noise Cancelling Device" which cuts 98% of the environmental noise. With these features, the player provides hi-fi sound with very low distortion and noise.

Bright, high contrast and wide-viewing-angle 3.0" Organic EL display enables you to enjoy videos, photos, and 1-seg tv programs on your hand. The display can be used to show web pages via its own browser and wireless LAN connection. And you can't forget this. It also comes with FM radio.

How about the software? The unique "Referred Link" feature automatically suggests the video on YouTube according to the music, the album or the singer which you are listening to on your Walkman. It has "Scrolling Album" and "Scene Scroll" utilizing touch panel operation, which enables easy operation for users.

The best point is its much improved usability of data transferring. You don't need slow and unstable "Sonic Stage" software anymore. You only have to connect it to your computer and drag'n drop the file to transfer the file.

The "X Series". Black and Red are available.



Operated by either mechanical keys or a touch panel

"Album Scroll" makes it easy to search the music

You can utilize the function on video, too.

The estimated price is about 40 thousand Yen(about 400 USD) for 16GB model and 50 thousand Yen(about 500 USD) for 32GB model.

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